If you are a driver or intend to learn how to drive a vehicle, then one the most important things to know about it are the traffic rules. It must be given a priority before actually learning the basics about the vehicle and how to drive it. The reason for this is that when you are well aware of the rules set for a secure driving experience for yourself and others, it becomes easy to drive with improved efficiency. There are a lot of people, especially young men and women, who know how to drive but do not pay much heed to the traffic rules. This is also why their driving is known to be harsh and unsafe for the pedestrians and other drivers on the road.

When someone is good at driving, it seems evident with the concern of safe driving, whereas bad drivers always face harsh criticism from the traffic officers and others as well. Good drivers make sure to follow speed control and lane directions. This way, they don’t cause inconvenience to the others in terms of vulnerable driving.

How to become a good driver?

As mentioned above, driving well while following the correct rules and regulations is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of the people know how a car is driven but are uneducated about how to do it properly without disturbing other’s driving. Here is presenting to you some of the characteristics of a good driver which help in making the driving experience secure and reliable for yourself and other drivers as well.

1. Concentration is the key:

The focus is one thing that must be there while driving otherwise it might result in unfavorable situations such as accidents and road disputes. When a driver has an improved focus, it allows him to not only watch in front but also keep an eye on the sides.

2. Learn basic road etiquettes:

Road rules are taught by the institutes but road etiquettes are something that the driver needs to learn and adapt on his own. For instance, not honking unnecessarily, using indicators, avoid overtaking, let the emergency vehicles pass by first, give a benefit of doubt to physically challenged drivers, notice the pedestrians and cyclers are some of the things which should be well considered while driving.

3. Wise parking approach:

Parking should be done in consideration with the fact that there is a specific lane for each car which should not cross the lines. This way, you don’t cause trouble for the other cars which can also be parked in the specified area.

4. Attentiveness:

One of the things to be kept in mind while driving is remaining attentive all the time. There is no option for panicking in sudden and unfortunate situations otherwise it might result in accidents and road rage etc.

5. Disciplined energy:

Basic driving rules of discipline include following the speed limits, road marks, parking on the correct spot, letting others go if they’re in hurry, and not using the cellphone etc.

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