About Us

The Driver has years of experience in providing an innovative and unique chauffeur service to the UAE public. We are registered with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to outsource Drivers to customers and transport them to their destinations in the safety of their own cars. We offer various services from driving customers in their own cars for one trip, or offering drivers for events or long term corporate use. Feel free to contact The Driver at any time if you require first class safe driver service in UAE.


The UAE Government has improved the standard of driving on Dubai’s roads by tightening the laws with regards to dangerous driving and making the roads some of the best in the Middle East. Despite the progress, a danger still faced by road users is Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”), whereby people often drive to bars and restaurants where they run the risk of then driving home. We negate the dangers of DUI by providing our customers with the luxury and comfort of being able to drive to their desired social destinations without risking the legal consequences of being caught DUI. By providing this service we aim to ensure more safer drivers are on the UAE roads at all times.

Our Mission

We aim to make the UAE’s roads more safe by providing the residents with a chauffeur when required and for whatever purpose, and to become a household name in the UAE for offering the public a unique service that they can rely on at all times. If you require a Driver at any time for any purpose, make sure you contact The Driver.

Our Vision

The Driver hopes to be recognised as a major contributor to the supply and outsource of high quality chauffeurs/drivers in the UAE. We hope to have all of our professionally trained drivers on the Dubai Roads ensuring the Dubai roads remains safe at all times.