Dubai is a fast-paced city, buzzing with energy. Everyone is in a rush to reach somewhere, be it an evening out with friends, an office party, or a conference. 

More often than not, we get tired of waiting for cabs, expensive car hires, or wait on someone to drive us about.  Thus, there’s a growing demand for driver outsource services which offer a variety of services depending on the individual’s needs, be it for personal or business use.

Designated Driver

A designated driver to drive you to the destination of your choice. The driver is there at the passenger’s beck and call and ensures the safety of the car and the traveler. The driver waits on you and drives you from one location to another. This service is available 24/7 and can be used simply for one drop off (after a night out), or for a day or a month.


Whether you have a short-term or long-term need for a driver, The Driver will be able to cater to that need. Contact The Driver to check the special rates for chauffeurs on contracts.

Drivers for Events

Whether you are an events company handling a major event for one of the major car brands, or an individual hosting your own event, The Driver can supply as many drivers as you need for any number of days required. Ensure your guests enjoy themselves and return home safely without any hassle.

Private Drivers

Want to bask in the luxury of your own personal chauffeur? You can find The Driver outsource services that provide highly skilled and accomplished drivers for day and night. If you have errands to run or have an appointment, have a busy schedule and require a driver for the day or month to accompany you, The Driver is available 24/7.

Corporate Drivers

Getting late for meetings with important clients? Want to save those precious few minutes finding parking space? That’s where The Driver comes in. You won’t have to search for locations or parking and can smoothly carry on with your appointments and meetings. Hire drivers for the month or week whether it is for long term contract for your CEO, or short term for corporate guests coming from abroad, The Driver outsource service is the way to go.

Travelling to UAE

Planning a vacation with your friends or family? Dreading the extensive driving? Sit back and enjoy the scenery and the music while being driven around in the comfort of your own car.

Therefore, the next time you require a driver to driver you in your own car, The Driver can provide you with trustworthy and professional chauffeurs