Ever go out in the evening or to a brunch and think ‘I wish I do can take my car and not have to rely on a taxi cab!’ Introducing ‘The Driver’. Take your car wherever you want and call ‘The Driver’ is a  designated driver service  that will send an experienced and professional private driver to pick you up and drive you home in the comfort of your own car.

You’ll have a peace of mind, knowing that you’ll always be able to get home safely – with no worries how to get back to your car the next day. What are the working hours? Well there are no set working hours as we work 24/7 365 days a year. The only requirement is that people plan ahead. Try to book in advance during peak periods or select one person to refrain from drinking alcohol….but where’s the fun in that!

Arrange for a safe ride home by designating a sober driver in situations when alcohol is present is something that should always be practiced anywhere in the world, especially in the UAE. Why not just call ‘The Driver’ to take that headache away from you… ‘The Driver’ tries to ensure the roads in UAE remain safe at all times by providing well trained and experienced safe drivers to transport guests home in their own cars. The law in UAE is simple, you can not drink and drive! It has a zero tolerance regulation where one drink means you should not be driving. Be safe, drive to wherever you need to go and let ‘The Driver’ take you home safely in your own car.

Look out for all the discounts we have at various locations such as Jumeirah Group, Amwaj Rotana, COYA Dubai. The Driver continues to work with 5 star venues to give the public an excellent private chauffeur service in Dubai. Ongoing promotions and prizes are also available on our Social Media platforms.

A little thought in planning your night out could save you the frustration, embarrassment and financial burden of a DUI. If you plan on drinking, The Driver encourages you to plan ahead. By acting responsibly you help keep your community safer.